Assisting your funnel with blog writing and Pinterest organic traffic. Grow your email list with the right lead magnet automation

Pinterest VA - Blog copywriting - Lead magnet Funnel automation

3-in-1 for small language services providers and linguist content creators

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You've probably landed here because:

You have compared Pinterest with Facebook and Instagram and have realized you can potentially reach the following results: 

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This is for you if

You can benefit from my services if you are

Small Business LSP

As a small business owner you are struggling to do it all with limited budget

Linguist with 10+ blogs

Your blog posts do not rank on Google and the reach out needs improvement

Languages online course creator

You have an awesome language course you want to sell on autopilot

Marketing Translator

You run a Youtube channel or a Podcast with many episodes, and you need an evergreen funnel

Want More Help to Grow Your LSP Business with the 3-in-1 services I offer?

As a small business language service provider, you just can’t afford to ignore Pinterest. It can drive your targeted warm audience without being constantly on it, but once putting the systems in place, it will run on autopilot.

Are you ready to outsource and book me out? Are you ready to leverage my 3-in-1 value-added packs?

Want to see if we’d be a good fit?

Find out if my 3- in- 1 services for Pinterest, blog content writing and lead magnet automation are what you need

My services

Let me grow your Pinterest and make your brand and language services visible to your target client

Pinterest VA and Content Optimization

All from the Pin creation and set up of your Pinterest Business account to the monthly content planning months ahead, This option would be your choice if you already have at least 10+ content running on a blog, podcast or vlog, and you only need to set Pinterest to work for you by automating your content visibility forever.

Copywriter, content creator, Remote Copywriting. Young woman freelancer typing on keyboard using

Blog Copywriting

This service includes monthly SEO Blog posts, ghostwritten in your brand voice. Ideal for linguists who are just starting their blog and have none or less than 10 blog posts published. For optimal results, blog frequency should be 2-4 times per month for at least 3-6 months. Choose your package down below.

Lead magnet Funnel Automation and more

Growing your email list through lead magnets is a winning strategy that has to start at the very launch of your content promotion. Driving traffic and qualified leads to your website and blog has no meaning if you do not engage with your ideal client. I can help you with your Lead magnet strategy and automation.

Choose Your Package

Get the most out of Pinterest
just like real small business language providers do

Value-added services of blog writing and lead magnet creation available.

Blog Copywriting

3 services with a Single Expert
249 Month
  • Monthly SEO blog posts, ghostwritten in your brand voice
  • 800-1000 words per blog post
  • Frequency 2–4 times a month
  • Ideal for linguists that are just starting their blog and have no or less content
  • Uploaded to your Blog platform - Blogger, WordPress Squarespace
  • The right headings H1,H2, H3
  • Saved on a Google Drive Folder

Pinterest VA and Content Optimization

3 services with a Single Expert
750 Month
  • Pin design of 15 fresh pins per month aligned with your branding
  • 15-20 pins scheduled per day, both your own and curated content
  • Custom boards and pins created from your podcasts, blogs, e-books or lead magnets
  • Filling your personal Pinterest boards with curated content from related pinners
  • Idea pins as needed (can repurpose videos, or use images)
  • If appropriate, group boards and Tailwind communities. Tailwind membership fee goes apart.
  • Monthly progress and growth report

Lead Magnet Funnel Automation and more

3 services with a Single Expert
1960 Month
  • Resource Funnel Strategy
  • Lead Magnet Funnel tech part automation with any of these email marketing platforms Flodesk, Convertkit, Mailerlite.
  • The corresponding automation tool fee plan is not included (when starting out to build your email list, the plan with most email marketing providers, up to 1,000 subscribers, is free)
  • Additional charge is applicable for the email marketing tool subscription plan
  • Lead Magnet Ideas to grow your email list. Best practices for linguists like you
  • Pintrerest set up for your lead magnet
  • Basic Pinterest VA services
  • Bonus included in the package: Lead Magnet automation copywriting - Landing page, welcome email marketing sequence. *please consult
It's really not about me, it's about you

I'm your 3-in-1 Pinterest, Content and Funnel Automation Expert

I know you need results, and you are not in for figuring out how the techie things work. You are a language small business owner and this is what you do best.

You are working full-time and on weekends, while growing your online following. Your blog & vlog content, however, does not rank and convert.
It seems it goes beyond your DIY capabilities. You feel it’s time to get off your plate, save energy for the most important things in order to continue growing and reaching your direct clients through content marketing.

Working as a team, we can leverage Pinterest to drive organic traffic to your created content, and create funnel automation for your lead magnets that converts.

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Rank content on autopilot
Why Hire Me

Empowering You with Value-added Services.

I know the LSP industry

Being a tranlsator and course content creator myself I've been there too, I know your needs and can apply the best practices.

Save time and resources

Stop outsourcing to several freelancers for a single service. Get 3 services by hiring one expert. Trust me that I can make it happen.

Clarity, value first, good vibes

I'll treat you like human and as friend, and I will make you feel comfortable and satisfied with the results achieved, because I know my staff. Your success is my success too.


What They Say

My Colleagues and Stakeholders about me:

Begoña Vilas Álvarez Comunicación & Marketing Digital

Como tutora de Bilyana destacaría su iniciativa y su curiosidad durante el curso, demostró interés y un buen manejo de las técnicas de redacción publicitaria en los diversos trabajos entregados.

Davide Mantegazza Area Business Development Manager en Nippon Gases

Muy buen trato y buena recension hecha en 2015 en la revista Energetica2. gracias a Bilyana Angelova.

Eren Murat Emre , MSc IBM MD at Eme Power Solutions Ltd

I had worked with Bilyana in 2013-2014 when she was a BSB Sales Manager at Energetica,Spain. Bilyana is a very hard working individual who takes every extra mile possible to make her clients happy. I was her client and we did various successful companies through the digital publication she was responsible of. I would highly recommend Bilyana and she is a great asset that everyone should have.

J. David Cánovas Digital Marketing

Bilyana es una gran profesional y muy atenta a cada detalle. Su aseoramiento estratégico sobre Pinterest me ayudó a conseguir clientes de forma automática.

Eugenio Pérez de Lema Director Farmaforum, Editor Omnimedia, Socio Director Farmaforum Escuela Formación

Conocí a Byliana cuando trabajó en Omnimedia. En ese tiempo ella desempeñaba labores de Secretaría y Traducción. Durante ese tiempo demostró gran profesionalidad. Recomendaría a Byliana para cualquier trabajo relacionado con estas funciones, dada su experiencia y sus resultados.

Alfonso González Bartolessis CEO & Founder of TranslaStars

Bilyana Ancheva is one of our course creators on TranslaStars and the author of the Copywriting for Translators course. Her in-depth expertise in copywriting and course creation, was the perfect fit to our search for a reliable e-learning resource. I'm happy to have her with us.

When you work with me

I'll put systems in place to boost your organic traffic and get qualified leads.

I’ll use your video, blog, podcast, Instagram content and turn it into an eye-catching pins for your ideal client on Pinterest. I’Il also take off your plate:

Save time and resources. Hire one single expert. Have blog writing and organic traffic handled.